Ancillary Products

Our customers have an advantage that we deal with all the consumables required in the painting industry saving your precious time and resources.

Emery Papers

We offer premier quality 3M emery papers that offers shiny, smooth and pleasant finish to the processed products. Emery paper most commonly used to sand down hard and rough surfaces, polishing and for finishing of high end watch movements, is made from the best quality paper. Our emery paper is much in demand as it gives a smooth, shiny finish to the processed products.

Paint Spray Guns

We offer a wide range of Spray Gun make pilot ,devil biss germany, anest iwata italy  which finds application in automobile and construction industry.We provide Spray Gun to the clients as per their requirements. 

Masking Tapes

We bring forth for our patrons an exclusive collection of superlative quality Abro masking tapes 3M. Fabricated at our well-facilitated production facility, these are offered in varying types including tapes for general purpose applications as well as tapes for high temperature requirements of powder coating masking.

Norton Auto Products

We provide our clients with a variety of  norton auto products that are widely used in the automobile and other industrial applications.    

Paints Thinners And Solvents

We have quality range of Thinners and other solvents are highly appreciated for their purest grade of pigments and resins that are in accordance to the international quality standards.

Rubbing Compounds And Silicone Polishes

We offer rubbing compounds and silicone polishes to clients.It removes unevenness from painted surface and gives glossy shine to car and two wheelers.  

Safety Masks

We provide a range of 3M- safety mask. Our range of 3M safety mask are designed for wearers comfort thus providing a corresponding increase in wear time by maintaining a cool atmosphere within the respirator. 

3M Masking Tapes

We import and distribute 3m masking tapes. These tapes are one of the earliest innovations of the company. The assurance provided by decades of testing in the automobile sector - masking tapes has become one of the brand ambassadors from the entire product range.

Pneumatic Sanders

We are engaged in offering a quality range of pneumatic sander machines, which is in compliance with all the international quality standards. We offer a wide range of sander machines of the premium quality. We offer the range at the market leading prices.

Waterproofing Compounds

  • Dr.Fixit
  • Roff
  • Zydex industries
  • Fosroc chemicals

Spray Cans

We offer any color of your choice or customised special shades filled in ready to use aerosol spray cans instantly.

Polisher Machines

Unique machine for polishing all the painted and non painted surface like car, auto,painted and polished wooden surface etc .Machine polishers can be used to tackle a very heavily deteriorated finish or just as a tool to make a detailing job easier. Choose the polisher that fits your needs. Whether you are a weekend enthusiast, a novice, or a professional detailer, we offer mechanical buffers to fit your level of experience and help you accomplish desired results.

Heat Reflective Coating Ozoprotect

All the materials used for construction of building absorb and transfer heat inside of the building all the day. In most countries, energy use in the buildings sector for heating / cooling represents about one third of the total energy consumption. Heat always flow from warmer side to cooler side and cooler to warmer side. 80% to 95% of heat gain during summer and about 70% of heat loss during winter transferred through the walls, ceilings and roofs of the building by way of conduction and radiation. The conventional insulation only slows down the rate of heat transfer