Industrial Paints

Janson Hardware , distributors and retailers for a wide range of industrial paints, such as:Heat Resisting Aluminum Paint, Fire Retarding Paints, Chemical Resisting Paints, Insulating Varnish. The unmatched quality and inexplicable performance in respective applications has played a vital role in the enhancement of the demand of Industrial Epoxy Paints. We also provide Industrial Decorative Paints in the array to meet the specific needs of the clients. Additionally, the Industrial Paints are available in varied colors and packed in reliable containers to ensure damage during transit.

Lead And Chrome Free Paints, Polyurethane / Epoxy Floor Coating Our Range Includes Epoxy Paints, Coal Tar Epoxy, Polyurethane Coatings, Stoving Paints, Fast Drying Enamels, Etch Primer, All Types Of Primers, All Types Of Thinners A/D / Stoving / PU Epoxy / Lacquers & Peelable Lacquers Chlorinated Rubber Paints, Tailor Made Anti-Corrosive Coatings & Its Applications