Aspa, an Alkyd based automotive paint, was integrated from Asian Paints and is one of the oldest brands in the category of automotive paints. It is the quality leader amongst the Alkyd automotive paints and has consistently held a market leadership position since 1973. Aspa is serviced through a network of 1400 dealers spread across the country. The shade range available includes about 90 ‘solid’ shades and 48 ‘metallic’ shades. Aspa shades are also available through a mixing rack. Aspa dealers can now tint about 100 different shades by means of a base + tinter available on the mixing rack. The various products that are available under this brand are Aspa Smooth Putty, Aspa Synthetic Automotive Paint Solids, Aspa Synthetic Automotive Paint Metallics, Aspa Candy, Aspa High Gloss Clear, and Aspa Thinner.

ASPA has unmatched coverage, dries quickly, high gloss level, good DOI, and is available in 90 ‘solid’ shades and 48 ‘metallic’ shades.
It is easily available and supported by 2000+ dealers largest dealer network for any refinish paint.
ASPA offers superb flow and leveling, tough durable film and good resistance to gasoline.
It can be applied on cars, vans, trucks, three wheelers, two wheelers, refrigerators, water /air coolers, industrial machinery, etc.