Although Polyurethane (PU) paints have a number of advantages over Alkyd and Nitrocellulose paints, its high cost was a deterrent. It was beyond the reach of a certain segment of consumers who wanted the same look and feel as that of PU paints at affordable prices. To cater to this slot of customers, Bilux was introduced by Asian PPG in December 2001 with a focus towards understanding customer needs and providing enhanced value for cost. This attempt would encourage all Alkyd and Nitrocellulose paint users to upgrade to a Polyurethane paint system.

Bilux PU is the paint of the new generation. This product is ideal for top coating jobs of vehicles that are old as well as the ones that need to be touched up in PU paint.

The product range available in this brand are Putty (Polyester Putty and Light weight polyester putty), PU Finish, Clears (PU Clear, High Gloss Clear, Premium Clear, Matt Clear, and Industrial Clear), Thinners (PU Thinner, Fast Thinner, Slow Thinner), Primers (PU PS Grey, Etch Primer, Epoxy Primer, 1K Primer, Plastic Primer), Hardeners (PU Hardener and Industrial Hardener) and special products (PU Matt Black).

Complete range of International Economy PU Paint Products.

From Topcoats to Ancillaries, BILUX extensively covers everything for superior refinish.
2500+ shades available at present, the largest collection of shades in this segment, 500+ new shades added each year.
Customised factory pack shades for bulk requirements.
BILUX prevents dust accumulation as it’s a fast drying system.
High gloss levels combined with better gloss retention always results in superior finish.
BILUX offers excellent Distinctiveness of Image (DOI).
BILUX is compatible with other products, hence it’s ideal for Refinish Business.
BILUX offers excellent colour matching and application ease in a universal ratio of 4:1:1.
BILUX is the market leader in the economy PU segment. Fastest growing brand in the Indian refinish market.
BILUX has the largest number of racks installed across India.
BILUX is the first system to be approved by TATA - fleet segment.
250+ bus body builders across India paint 2000+ buses per year with BILUX.